Monday, February 15, 2010

The Grand Unveiling - Feb 25, 2010

Saw my PS today for the "reveal". I'm thrilled beyond words! The new aureola and nipple are healing well with only minimal scabbing. The nurse removed all the stitches possible. Some are still stuck under the dermabond. He said the dermabond will come off gradually as I begin to shower. I'm excited that I can shower now! I have to wear the foam "donut" over things for 4 weeks for protection. The nipple is still really swollen - he says it will shrink 50% over the next few weeks.
Abdominal revisions look great and are healing well.
Abdomen is still swollen, but now I can't tell if it's Lupron effects or swelling from the hysterectomy. I'm sure it's some of both. I'll just have to be patient and give it a few weeks to see how things shake out.
Happy day!

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